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Bringing back nude to art

Are you tired of so called „Fine Art Erotic Sites“? With updates every day, expensive memberships for seeing well-known eastern european models, which you can find on 10 other sites in the web? EXPOSIONS is different. It´s more individual and exclusive. Founded by the master photographer Rob Base. You won´t find most of our models anywhere else in the web. Most of the models are „made in Germany“. They might even be non-professional models. This site is just focussing on the female beauty and form. This models are enjoying themselves, being self-confindent with nudity, free to show off their body in beautiful natural surroundings. Bringing the nude back to art. That´s it.



That means: no spreaded legs, no cheesy erotic and nothing, that´s degrading the model. I focus the female beauty, no pornographic motives.


We charge a nominal fee for the maintance of the website and the models' and travelling expenses - not for nudity!


No anorexics! We don´t pay much attention to the weight of our models - we tend to the real beauty, feature young, healthy and authentic females.


See our exclusive beautiful models


Portfolio coming soon.



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